Water resource information that often differs from Arizona water managers.

This website is dedicated to disseminating a different perspective than the press releases sent out by Arizona water management officials, that typically use a “tribal drum” system of repeated mis-information about water issues in Arizona.

Southwestern water resource management is all about the overallocated Colorado River. Southwestern water managers cannot fix the overallocation boondoggle because they all live in states that have economies based on growth. In Arizona the problem is magnified because Arizona has junior water rights. When (not if) water shortage is declared Arizona loses increasing amounts of water deliveries as water levels in Lake Mead decline.

Remember, if you understand history, Colorado River shortages are no surprise!

Most of the time, Arizona water management tribal drums only discuss water issues in ways that support their agenda, and of course, to cover their arses (CYA).

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Reallocating the Colorado River is the only sustainable action available to Colorado River basin states and Mexico!